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We are driven by our passion to create a better life for our clients through an array of EXCELLENT, SMART and INTEGRATED services which daily influence and enhance their comfort.

Home and Office Care

Our subscription-based repairs and maintenance service for home and office care ensures that customers do not have to worry anymore about the state of their assets at their property as we have got them covered; providing the much needed care and repair and maintenance services for your homes and offices, through our professional team of vetted and highly skilled and experienced artisans.

Are you working full time? Do you have an emergency job? or got carried away with your daily chores and forgot to report a repair job at your property? Not to worry! We operate a 24/7 support service available on our dedicated line to ensure that repair and/or maintenance at your property is promptly attended to and our clients can still go about their daily routine.

We give customers regular updates on proactive routine maintenance requirements in their homes and/or offices on a consultancy basis to prolong the life span of their assets.

Starting from N10,500 monthly, our membership packages available are:

  1. Basic/Starter package
  2. Premium package
  3. Platinum package

Each of these subscriptions have various services available to our customers. The higher the subscription package (i.e. from basic to platinum), the more access you have to our range of maintenance services.

Payment on this membership subscription-based package is made quarterly, bi-annually or yearly, and we will maintain or repair covered equipment or services based on the level of subscription.